Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where's my shovel?: Why I am Starting a Blog

I have put off starting a blog for quite some time now. Why? One reason: clich. It seems that everyone has a blog nowadays and the rebel in me cringes at the thought of joining the masses just for the sake of it. My thought process goes like this- Isn't everyone tired of blogs by now? Will anyone even read it? What if no one reads it and I put my heart and soul into something just for it to float around cyberspace? That's a waste of my time! So if I've surmised that a blog is a waste of my precious time, then why am I starting one after all?
     Here's where I get to be vulnerable and explain my reasoning for beginning this journey. It begins in Matthew 25 with the Parable of the Talents. In the parable three servants are given talents, or gold, by their master and entrusted to put it to good use while the master goes away for a time. The first servant got five talents and doubled them during his master's time away. The second servant was given two talents and also doubled his amount, but the last servant was given one talent and instead of putting it to use he buried it. When the master returned, he constuled with his servants concering their talents. He was very pleased with the first two servants and increased their responsibilies, but was very upset with thte third servant and did trust him with any new talents. What does this have to do with my writing a blog, you ask?
    I feel as though I indentify more with the last servant, burying my talents by letting them lay dorment - for one reason or another. Laziness. Boredom. Apathy. However, my desire is to be the first servant who doubled his five talents and was able to show his master ten- ten talents! So, it's time to grab my shovel. I've got some digging to do!
     This blog will be a springboard for me to do just that.I can write, share hobbies, etc. and keep myself accountable to using the talents God has given me and just plain being accountable to working to maintain the writing.
     I hope you enjoys my blog and getting to know me a little through my posts! feel free to leave comments and please Subscribe!