Never Known the Wrath

Your wrath is like a book, though I have only read a page.
Your fury a fire, and I have only felt one flame.
Your anger, rushing waters, 
I've been tossed but by one wave. 
Tis not because I've caught myself, 
before being consumed, 
but because of your love that watches over, 
your love that ever looms.

For your love, 
the same as your wrath.
It pushes me away,
it snatches me back. 
It's a love affair, 
a seeming game, 
because one lover, 
wanders where she may. 

Oh! If she would just make up her mind!
Then the tide would pull back, the flame would die. 

But battle draws.

She roams.
Wrath thunders.
Love groans.

And it is He!
It is He that keeps bringing her back.
The tide that sweeps her in, 
the beach her lovers lap. 

A love she'd never known 
had she never known the wrath! 

The Exhale 

There is a time of denial. 
A time to be unaware. 
THere is a time to cry, and a time to mourn. 
There is a time that brings a load to bare. 
There is a time when we lay down that load. 
There is a time of anger and a time of rage. 
There are times that bring fear and a time to be brave. 
There is a time to scream and cry out to the heavens. 
A time to fall at the feet of the Father. 
A time to be honest, there is no time to waste. 
A time when we are starved for just a taste. 
A time, sometimes, in the midst of the storm, when we wonder what we are crying out for. 
I time, I believe, when the answers do come. 
Thunder in the distance, the teasing of the sun. 
A time when the dark has faded to day. 
A time for opened eyes, 
the truth, 
the rise 
a time to break the bars of the jail, 
comes the exhale.