Monday, December 16, 2013

Brian "Head" Welch: Sell Out?

I am starting a new series that will feature several Christian celebrities. My first post is on one of my favorites, Brian "Head" Welch. This man just can't seem to avoid starting controversy and I love it!

Brian "Head" Welch. Photo Credits Unkown.

Brian Welch, better known as "Head", rose to fame in the 90's as the lead guitarist for Korn, a successful US metal band. He took band mates and the music industry by storm in 2005 when he announced that he'd become a born again Christian and left the band, giving up a large signing bonus, to focus on his new found Christianity. However, in 2013, head returned to Korn, perplexing Christian fans and leaving them to wonder if he was finished with his faith.

After quitting Korn, not having quit his passion for music, Head began his own band, Love and death. Love and Death, while putting out much more wholesome lyrics than Korn, fed Head's need to use his talent. So then why in 2013 did he decide to return to Korn and re-embrace the less than orthodox environment he'd previously felt convicted to leave?

In a recent interview with In The Now Magazine on Blabbermouth, Head describes his return to the band as "riding a wave of joy." When asked during an interview for Huffington Post, how he reconciles his faith and his choice to play for Korn, he replies with a simple, "they're my people!" He reminds us that Christ didn't exclude himself from the world, but befriended them. So what do we say to this? Is it a cliche excuse to do what he wants in the name of Christ or could it be more? Could it be that he is subtly crying out to Christians Trust me, I got this! I love these people and I want them to see Christ in me? Could he being taking Paul's approach and being "all things to all people?"

While Head remains quite reserved about his decision, if we allow his life to speak for him - it will. Much like his fellow band member, Fieldy, who is also a born again Christian, he chooses to lead a life that shows Christ rather than speaks so much of Him. During an interview with CBN, Fieldy explains his method for spreading the gospel: "It's weird 'cause when you're living your life for Christ, people know it!" He talks about the sad truth that some people don't want help, or salvation, and that all we can do is be their friend "until they're ready to open up." And isn't that what Christianity is all about - living a life of true freedom for others to see, and then being ready to help them have the same thing when they are willing? It is said that light shines brightest in the darkness. What better backdrop is there for Christ's love? It seems to me, he left for the right reasons and has returned for the right reasons.

So He lives his life, in the midst of the storm, standing on the rock. Is he a sellout? Yeah! He sold out. He will no longer be controlled by the mindset of the music industry, but live amongst them - set apart. I applaud you, Head! Keep on keeping on!

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