About Me

My name is Shara Nelson. I am a wife to a most remarkable man, Ben. We have three lovely children that keep us quite busy! I am a theology student at Liberty University where I am finishing up a Theology Certificate. I love and worship Jesus Christ. My writing is influenced by those things - love, relationship, and Jesus.

I write because, well...I always have, it’s who I am - it’s my best “voice”.

I find that I relate to Moses - as I have never been a good speaker.

My mouth often fails me, leaving me fumbling for words, but -

when I pick up a pen...it just seems to flow.

SO I write.

Imperfectly, but I do it.

To worship God. To Vent. To gather my thoughts. For sanity.

To empty my mind of words that would otherwise keep me hostage.

I hope that when you read my blog

you find yourself ...

I hope you find yourself being informed, inspired, entertained and accepted. I hope I somehow minister to your soul.

Hope you enjoy!