Friday, July 19, 2013

Stop Making Goals!

Stop making goals your only focus, that is. We are taught that making goals equals success, and while I believe goals are powerful motivators, I think we can become so bogged down in our target that we miss the forest for the trees. Let me explain. 
Earlier today my husband texted me, explaining that he'd left his wallet at home and wanted me to bring it to him by his place of work. We agreed to meet at 11:00. 11:00 was my target! I planned my time accordingly. I was working on our budget (different blog post all together!) but stopped in time to get dressed and take him his wallet. I pulled into the parking lot at four minutes past 11, which is practically early for me, only to realize I didn't have his wallet! I had planned my morning around this goal - made it my priority -  and yet somehow forgot my entire purpose for meeting him in the first place! Now I might've had an out if I'd batted my eyes at him and half whispered in a sexy tone about how I was so overcome with excitement to wrap my arms around his sexy neck that I obviously couldn't be held responsible for my silly mistake! However, while he does make my heart go pitter patter, he knows me better than that - I dropped the ball and had to fess up. And believe me, my voice was the farthest thing from sexy - more like Speedy Gonzales meets Janice from friends - as I blurted out "You're gonna kill me and I think I'm gonna cry!" I was too chicken to even confess! Haha! The worst part was that he didn't even seem shocked. He just calmly said, "you don't have my wallet". I've let him down before. He's become accustomed to my scatter brained ways. As we parted ways, him home to get his wallet and me to take up permanent residence in loserville, I began asking God about my track record of lameness. The conversation basically consisted of me half hysterically begging God why I seem to stay in ditz-mode most of the time. Then his voice, which by the way sounded much more calm then mine, broke through my babble and he answered me. God told me why I am a ditz. Now, if I'd had this same conversation with Ben and he'd assumed my question of why am I so ditzy was anything other than rhetorical...well, ladies, you know what I mean - it would've hit the fan. God is God though so I let him explain to me the source of my flibbertigibbet ways. He simply told me that I'd missed the forest for the trees. That I'd become so consumed with getting to my destination and completing my goal that I'd missed steps along the way. He then began to apply this to other areas of my life, like our budget. If all we care about is paying off debt and saving a bunch of money but don't take the time to build our discipline muscles, we won't be able to hold the weight of success or maintain a debt free lifestyle. We must allow him to take us through the process of growth and take the steps necessary for residual financial success. You could say the same for weight loss. You can starve yourself or go on a ridiculous diet to lose weight, but if you do not learn to control your eating and exercising habits, you will quickly regain the weight. Much like me, you will arrive at your destination but not possess the tools to complete the task- you will ultimately fail. 
Are there areas in your own life that you struggle with rushing to your goal without building your foundation? I encourage you to evaluate, as I will also. Once you've determined a problem area, feel free to bask in the freedom and joy that will come from obtaining your goal, but then promptly give it to God, trusting him to guide you through the process. Give in to the uncomfortable feeling that growth often brings. Feel your muscles, whether literal or figurative, grow and flex. That's when we know the finish product will be good!! 

Galatians 6:9

And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary.

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