Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunset and Braids

I have been spending the last couple of days with my Sister in law and her family. They live about 1 1/2 hours away from us, so usually when we visit we stay for a couple days. Between our two families, we have 7 kids. That's a lot of kids under one roof, which means it gets crazy, but you can't beat family with a stick!! I wouldn't want to beat these folks anyways - they are pretty neat-o!

     We are having fun with the girls doing makeup and learning new braids! (I also snagged a glitter tattoo kit at Walmart in the "as Seen on TV section on sale for $5.00!!) If you know me, you know I love all things makeup. I have since I was a teen. I often look at ladies and create a customized makeup look in my mind, and when I see a face without makeup - I see a blank if you just happen to like having your makeup done,let me know and  I'll grab some brushes and paint you!! I had already planned on having some makeup fun with my 12 year old (almost 13!) neice and then noticed that one of my favorite Blog/Youtube makeup artists is doing a Makeup challenge. The challenge is to create a summer sunset inspired look. Here's the result:                                                                                                

Whatcha think? She loved it, which made happy.:)

     The summer time is a great time to brush up on your hair fixing skills (for those of us with young daughters), so I decided to learn some of the new braids that are popular right now. I think I have mastered the waterfall braid, lace braid, and ladder braid. I also mastered a really pretty crown braid that can look a little more glamourous for those of us that are a bit older. Here are the pics with a bits of explanation and a link with great videos for learning the braids! 

   "Ladder braid".

  "Waterfall Braid"

     "Crown Braid" 

The crown braid is a simple french braid beginning behind one ear (so the hair covers the start of the braid), staying close and tight to the forehead - pulling only from face side of the braid. Once you make your way to the other ear, continue with a regular braid. Secure with hair tie and bobby pin the end of the braid underneath the hair. This would look great on older girls and ladies also. You can make it more mature by backcombing at your crown and adding waves. 

    You You can learn how to do the ladder and waterfall braids here: The name of the channel is Cute Girls Hairstyles and she has a ton of tutorials on different braids. She even has a collaboration video with Kandee Johnson ( +Kandeeland ), who shows a couple of great preteen makeup ideas! 

     I had a lot of fun doing girly things with the younger Nelson ladies. But the trip wasn't all play and no work. While I was here, I helped My sister in law with some organization. She makes hair bows as a side job and her ribbon supplies had gotten a little out of control. We managed to do some major condensing and created a really nifty (and cheap) storage solution for her ribbon that makes it easy for her access. That will be explained in detail in a later blog - so watch for it - complete with pics and how to make the ribbon storage!

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