Monday, July 8, 2013

Organized Crime

Ok, so there wasn't actually any crime  committed, but seriously y'all- there outta be a law. My sister in law and I are partners in crime, against clutter that is. Haha! I stated in my last post that she needed to organize her ribbon for her bow business and find a way to store it. We killed it! Check out the before and after pics: 



WOW!!! After sorting through all of her inventory, we condensed it and organized it into one functional and neat closet! We used a $4.00 hanging closet organizer and $4.00 worth of 1/4 inch dowel rods. There is enough room in each cubby to insert two rods. We used .88 worth of small binder clips as stoppers for the rods.

The rods won't move this way, and she is able to pull out her ribbon and cut it straight from the spool if she chooses. 

I had a blast doing this with her and was thrilled with the finished project. 

Check her out on Facebook at Sassy Chick Designs! She specializes in cheer bows, sports team bows and shabby chic bows and headbands. 

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