Thursday, July 11, 2013

My fail safe, get well regimen!

Yesterday morning I began to feel under the weather but carried on with my day... By the way, when I say "my day" what I really mean is laundry. I did about 20 loads of bedding. Have you ever noticed that laundry doesn't stop? It just keeps growing!!! Just when you think you're caught up, BAM! 
Wow- didn't plan that rant- back to the actual reason for this blog. So I started feeling sick and by last night, I felt like crap-ola. I ached, was sneezy, dripping nose, basically felt like I was getting a cold. I was pretty bummed because my girls and I have just started a couch to 5k plan and last night was suppose to be one of our nights to run. I knew, however, that I needed rest so I grabbed for my trusty "get well fast when you feel like crap-ola" regimen. I thought I'd share it with you. Drum roll, please! 


There she is, tried and true! Well, actually the first step is something new that I added last night, Ill break it all down for you- here we go! 

The first step is a muscle relaxing, toxin releasing bath. Throw some Epsom salt and 100% therapeutic grade lavender essential oil into a warm bath and soak. The lavender oil is also a brilliant anti-histamine! There are a lot of different variations for toxin releasing soaks- feel free to choose your favorite. This one is simple and I really needed the anti-histamine, so that is why I chose this combo. (See my warning below) 

Funny story: during my soak, the electricity went out. So there I was- naked in the tub in the pitch black. Thank goodness I had the light of my phone! My husband was asleep, and my kids (I found out later) were scared and huddled in my son's room. So not only was it pitch black, it was also silent! What'd I do? I Shrugged my shoulders and kept playing Candy Crush! Hahaha!! 

Any who, the lights eventually came back on and out of the bath I came- on to step 2. 

When you're feeling sick, your immune system is obviously suffering. I grabbed for my B complex with C and Zinc for immune function and my secret weapons: Inner Defense gelcaps and Ningxia! If I could only do 1 step of this regimen, it would be to pop a couple of these bad boys and down them with Ningxia! They are full of essential oils and other goodies that are great for your body, especially when it's compromised. I have used these alone when in a pinch and could tell a big difference! ( see below for additional info on where to find listed products) 
I chugged these miraculous wonders down and moved on to step 3. 

Essential oils. If you use essential oils already, you know the healing power they have. I chose these three for their specific abilities. Immupower boosts your immune system, Thieves kills harmful bacteria in your body- and only the harmful, and valor helps the spine align and boosts emotions. I simply rub a couple drops on each on the bottom of my feet and voila! I'm ready for my last step:

Herbal tea and local honey. This particular tea is medicinal strength and wonderful when you're feeling under the weather! The honey adds a little sweetness, plus since it's local honey it provides extra help against allergies. I use two tea bags and let it steep for several minutes. I sip on it while tucked in my comfy bed and hit the hay early so my body has several hours to recoup! 

I feel so much better today! I will continue with the Ningxia, Inner Defense, and vitamins and get plenty if rest. I also increase my OJ when I'm feeling under the weather to ensure I'm getting plenty of vitamin C. 

Thanks for popping by today! God bless you and yours with healthy bodies! 

Warning: please do not use essential oils found at drugstores, etc. they are mixed with unhealthy alcohols and perfumes. Only use 100% therapeutic grade oils. Even if a bottle says it is 100% oil, it doesn't  mean there aren't harmful fillers mixed WITH the oil. I can ONLY suggest Young Living Essential Oils. They have a "seed to seal" guarantee that ensures their quality. This is the only company I have knowledge on, therefore the only one I can only recommend. Feel free to check out their products online: 
You can also hit me up for additional info. 

Products: I buy my tea from Kroger in the organic section. Check around for people that sell local honey in your area, especially if you suffer from allergies. It provides a bit of a vaccine effect. The Epsom salt can, of course, be found at any ol' store in the pharmacy section.