Sunday, October 20, 2013

So Many Words.

I have often wondered what macabre scene must take place inside of a cocoon. Sheltered privately inside the chrysalis, the butterfly undergoes such a transformation. Though the process is undoubtedly a bit messy, what emerges is beautiful! Much like the butterfly, we spend our lives being transformed. However, much unlike the butterfly,  we are not hidden away during this process.

Life is messy, and rightly so. When you take something and turn it into a completely different 
something, it is bound to be a strenuous journey.

Blood, sweat, and tears

Joy, sorrow and pain

laughter, victories and defeat

all play their part in the molding.

When I look over my life and think of all the descriptive words that tell my story, I feel the emotion tied to each.











So many more words could be named, and I start to wonder if the butterfly feels the change as it takes place. Does it kick and scream or cry out in agony?

Or does it succomb because it knows it is necessary?

It's necessary in order to be what it was destined to be. It was destined to fly. It was not destined to be trapped on the ground , but to soar above - to see things the eye cannot see on the ground.

And to do this, it must grow wings.

And growth is painful.

So many many adjectives and verbs fill the pages of my life's story.

As I write this, my Uncle is lying in a hospital bed that he will not get out of again. His eyes closed to this world, lungs breathing weary breaths - a soul about to ascend.


hospital bed

grieving family

memories told

so many many letters and vowels filling the last moments of his life's story. Each one necessary. Eighty-six years of metamorphosis coming to an end. Soon he will emerge - perfect.

And I wonder, does the butterfly anticipate the accent? Does it long for the breaking through?

So many words...what are yours?

"The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness." — Pope Benedict XVI

Thanks for stopping by! With Love - Shara