Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You know you're a SAHM if:

You might be a stay at home mom if:

1. "Spicing things up" means unloading the bottom rack of the dishwasher first instead of the top. 

2. You get your inspiration from the theme songs to children's shows. Mine today: "there's no chance unless you take one!"- icarly show tune - profound stuff right there! Haha

3. You want brownies for lunch. So you make brownies for lunch. :) 

4. You've cried over "never ending laundry".

5.The only deadlines you're worried about involve expiration dates on the chicken that's been sitting in the fridge and sports sign-ups. 

6. You're pretty sure Dr. Sears would agree that allowing your child to climb chairs/cabinets/whatever else they find to get their own snack while you're resting, is helping to build their problem solving skills. 

7. You shout Hallelujah when school is out for summer break, then you're shouting it again when summer break is over! 

8. You've shouted, "I am not your maid!" At least once. 

9. You could be employed as a butt wiper. ( so glad I'm out if that stage of parenting!!)

10. You know that raising your kid/s is the biggest accomplishment you'll ever have, over everything else. 

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